quinta-feira, 19 de junho de 2008


Do you want to travel for a beautiful place? So, so read this post. This post is about Costa Rica.Costa rica is located in Central America, its capital is San Jose. Costa Rica is a great place for tourism, because there you will find tropical beaches, grandest adventures, the wonders of nature, scintillating culture, all the necessary components of an great vacation. Do yuo want to know more about this country? So, visit TicosLand.com Directory. Ticosland.com is the main directory of information about the Costa Rica on the Internet. The site have more than 8400 companies and organizations and has more than 18000 registered users on your system.Ticosland.com is a website dedicated to offer you with some free services which in turn will save you some considerable amount of money such as for instance free SMS text messages (SMS) to other mobile phones in Costa Rica. There is absolutely no hidden fee or whatsoever imposed to the sender or the receiver. You therefore can send as many SMS as you wish without afraid of being charged. They use ICE network and all messages will be sent to mobile phones via GSM or TDMA technology. Ticosland.com also offers a free fax service to anyone who is staying or living in Costa Rica. You can use this service to fax anything to your friends, family members, relatives and so on even though none of them is staying or living in Costa Rica. And with a nominal cost they also offers money exchange facilities if you need to have local money to shop for some souvenirs In short, you can fax to everywhere in this world and as many as you wish. Visit TicosLand.com Directory today and know more about the Costa Rica.

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