quarta-feira, 14 de maio de 2008

Cheap Flights? Cfares.com

 Looking for cheap flight? Cfares.com finds for you.Cfares.com is a website that can help you find cheap flights. While some online travel websites help you book cheap tickets, that doesn't mean that the flight they have booked you in is the cheapest flight Travel fares depend from airline to airline and also whether you're traveling direct or not. Cfares can connect you to the lowest fares directly from airlines, major travel sites or industry wholesalers and offer you exclusive, below-market fares. Cfares also enables you to bid for your cheap airfare so that you can always stay within your budget.Cfares.com is a travel site which offers you the possibility to choose from two different levels of membership, Gold membership that is free and Platinum membership. As a Gold member you can search through all fares and see the best deals for either Gold or Platinum members. However, to buy a fare that cAgent finds, you must become a Platinum member. Platinum membership allows you to purchase the best priced wholesale fares, get discounted fares available only from cFares, and allows you to purchase below-market fares found by cAgent. You will find the widest selection of travel options at the lowest prices from every available source, including airlines, wholesalers, and online travel agencies. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone else.According to MONEY magazine, Cfares.com is like a Costco for airfare. You have to pay a membership fee but after so many trips, you get your money back because of the Cfares savings. Cfares is better able to give you great savings because they connect you to the lowest fares direct from airlines, major travel sites, and industry wholesalers. They also offer exclusive, customized, below-market fares. Not only that, you can bid for your airfare and find you a match if one exists in the market over the next several days (the cAgent service). No other website can offer you these three options all at the same time.

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